Bahaasoft™ Software

Bahaasoft™ Software has been in life since 2009, including developer tools and services, but mose of them were terminated as Software owner and programme/ Bahaa has stopped supporting them.

Here are the currently in an active support term software for Windows


Bahaasoft™ QR Code Master

Bahaasoft™ QR Code Master is all about creating smart and high quality QR Code images to use in any design you need, using it, you can generate codes for anything such as: Calendar Event Card, Contact Card, Geolocation, Girocode, Mail, MMS, One Time Password, Phone Number, Shadowsocks Proxy, Skype Call, SMS, Text, Website/URL, WhatsApp Message, WiFi Card and more for free for personal usage.

Bahaasoft™ Wallpaper Locator

Bahaasoft™ Wallpaper Locator is a Windows program that locates and gets all wallpapers that are frequently changing at the user's login screen and enables you to view, save and delete any or all of them.


Bahaasoft™ Guess Number Game

Bahaasoft™ Guess Number Game is a Game where you choose any number in your mind (from 1 to 63), then I will show you cards, you should look at each card, and tell me whether the number you selected in your mind is shown in the displayed card or not, at the end I will guess your number. The game interface available in five languages: English, French, Ukrainian, Georgian and Arabic.