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Bahaasoft™ QR Code Master version

Bahaasoft™ QR Code Master is all about creating smart and high quality QR Code images to use in any design you need, using it, you can generate codes for anything such as=>Calendar Event Card, Contact Card, Geolocation, Girocode, Mail, MMS, One Time Password, Phone Number, Shadowsocks Proxy, Skype Call, SMS, Text, Website/URL, WhatsApp Message, WiFi Card and more for free for personal usage.

Bahaasoft™ QR Code Master can change the foreground color and background color, it also allows you to add logo at the middle of the QR Code. Furthermore it can save these QR Images into any image type, PDF, SVG and even Base64 for web.

Bahaasoft™ QR Code Master works on all supported Windows versions and editions, starting from Windows 7 to Windows 11, it only requires having .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer installed.