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 Your deleted personal data can be recovered from your sold Smartphone

Avast anti-virus program producer company was able to recover thousands of photos from mobile phones, after all Data in them was removed by using the option "Factory Data Reset".

Written on: Tuesday 15th of July 2014 05:11:57 pm
Written by: Bahaa Sobhy Ata

The recovered data included the e-mails, sms, and search index being done on Google.

Avast bought 20 smart-phones which work with Android operating system from the electronic market eBay which offers about 80 thousands of for-sale smart-phones.

Avast employers recovered over than 40 thousands of photos, including very sensitive personal photos, about 750 emails, 250 connected people, and they recognized 4 old owners of these smart-phones.

According to Jude McColgan - the manager of mobiles department in Avast - the problem is that users don't realize the side-effects of storing all their personal data on their smart-phones, they think that they have cleaned all their personal Data after making a "Factory Data Reset" while this process removes just the applications!

mcColgan said that Avast didn't need much to recover all the personal data from the smart-phones they bought from eBay, as Avast used a normal program for recovering the deleted data.

The most of Smart-pones include the option "Default factory settings reset" or "Factory Data Reset" which allow the users to remove all their stored data on their devices, and restore the device to its original case.

but Avast company discovered that some of smart-phones which are old doesn't remove more than the index of the stored Data, while the Data itself still remains, which means the ability to retrieve the photos, emails, short messages somehow in smooth way, by using some of Data recovery software that anybody can buy and use.

Avast said that the "Factory Data Reset" process in Android operating system is not effective in the point of cleaning the personal data of the users, even clearing the user data on a device that works with Android system before selling or giving it to someone is not enough, it's necessary to obliterate those files to make them non-recoverable"

some experts think that the only method to clean the Data completely from the phone, is to destroy it!

Google said that Avast used old phones, and that Avast results doesn't reflect the security means in Android versions which are used by the most users.

Google advised the users to use the encryption option in their devices before restoring to the factory Data, as a way to insure that nobody could reach to the files.

Some people think that smart-phones are treasure of personal Data, after those devices are in action with the daily lives of the users, through it can be found alot of data being used in Facebook, SnapChat, and electronic Banking, and purchase processes on Amazon, and much more!

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