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 Watch YouTube videos in a slow motion!

There are a lot of videos on YouTube website, which are difficult to understand the events which are shown in them, whether because the fast motions or events in them, or because unclear moves or motions in them.

Written on: Tuesday 24th of June 2014 06:33:57 pm
Written by: Bahaa Sobhy Ata

for that reason, YouTube offers a good solution, which allows users to watch the video in a slow motion, which will help them to understand the video events if it's very fast, but this solution works only on Google Chrome browser only.

When a user opens a video on Youtube using Google Chrome browser, he may go to the right bottom corner of the video, and click on the "Settings" icon... and from the Speed panel select the suitable speed for his purpose, as it's shown in the below photo.

The speed 0.25 shows the video in quarter speed, while 0.5 shows the video in a half speed, as 1.5 shows the video in a faster speed than the original speed, and 2 shows the video in a double speed, while Normal is the default speed of the video.


What if the user - like me - doesn't prefer to use Google chrome browser?

well, there's another solution for this scenario, which is using alternative website called:, copy the video URL from YouTube , and paste it to engine, and it will show the video with the speed options below it.


This alternative solution benefits The users of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers, but if you have Google Chrome, you don't need to use this solution as the option of controlling the video speed is automatically integrated into the YouTube video Player itself as explained before.

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