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 HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program

On August 26, 2014 HP announced a worldwide voluntary recall and replacement program in cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, for affected AC power cords distributed worldwide with HP and Compaq notebook and mini notebook computers, as well as with AC adapters provided with accessories such as docking stations, sold from September 2010 through June 2012.

Written on: Wednesday 27th of August 2014 03:59:39 pm
Written by: Bahaa Sobhy Ata

HP customers affected by this program will be eligible to receive a replacement AC power cord for each verified, recalled AC power cord at no cost.

HP believes that certain power cords shipped with notebook PC products and AC adapter accessories may pose a risk of a fire and burn hazard to customers. "We are taking this action as part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of service to our notebook customers" HP company said.

"Note: Not all HP and Compaq notebook and mini notebook PCs were sold with an affected power cord. Please validate the power cord shipped with your notebook PC or purchased with an accessory, or as a spare." HP cleared.

Some power cords for HP and Compaq and mini notebook computers sold from September 2010 through June 2012 may be part of voluntary recall and replacement program launched on August 26, 2014.

The impacted power cords have the potential to overheat, posing a fire, and burn hazard.


To see if your cord may be affected, look for a "LS-15" marking molded into the connector that plugs into the AC adapter.

LS-15 LS-15


If you see a LS-15 marking you may make request of replacement from this link:


Note that there are two parts needed to charge your laptop:

1) The first part is the power cord that plugs into the wall.
The Cable

2) The second part is the adapter.
The adapter

HP is ONLY recalling the power cord used with HP and Compaq notebooks and mini notebooks and accessories such as docking stations. (The first part)

To qualify your power cord and request and replacement, go here.

Since power cords for laptops are compatible, you can use another power cord with your AC adapter until the replacement one arrives.

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