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 Google bought the music service Songza

Google company announced yesterday - 1st of July 2014 - that it bought the Music stream service Songza, as a new step by Google to extend its music market on the internet.

Written on: Wednesday 2nd of July 2014 06:33:14 pm
Written by: Bahaa Sobhy Ata

Google said that the main aim of taking hand on Songza is to integrate the features that Songza has into Google musical service which known as "Google Play Music".



Songza company was founded 4 years ago, and working in the creating customized play-lists based on the expectation of what the user may like according to specific case and exact time, Songza commented about this deal that it expects that nothing will be changed to the current Songza users after that deal.


Officially Google company didn't declare any details about the deal cost, but previous report found for a period of time by "New York Post" journal, that some unnamed sources said that Google offered Songza 15 Millions USD to buy that service.

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